A function to add page breaks for rows and columns to a Spreadsheet Object.

spreadsheetAddPagebreaks(SpreadsheetObj, rowbreaks, colbreaks) → returns void

This function requires Adobe ColdFusion 11 and up.  Not supported on Lucee, etc.

spreadsheetAddPagebreaks Argument Reference

SpreadsheetObj any

Excel spreadsheet object to apply page break to.

rowbreaks string

Comma-delimited row numbers where the page breaks will be applied.

colbreaks string

Comma-delimited column numbers where the page breaks will be applied.

Sample code invoking the spreadsheetAddPagebreaks function

CF 11+ Here,we've example to break the excel using spreadsheetaddpagebreaks. It is supported only in adobe coldfusion.

<cfset Detail=SpreadsheetNew("student",false)>
<cfset SpreadSheetAddRow(Detail,"id,Name,Department,marks,average")>
<cfset SpreadSheetAddRow(Detail,"1,Dhar,CS,500,50")>
<cfset SpreadSheetAddRow(Detail,"2,DharC,EEE,600,85")>
<cfset SpreadSheetAddRow(Detail,"3,DharCf,EC,700,90")>
<cfset spreadsheetAddPagebreaks(Detail,'1,2', '3,4')>
<cfset SpreadsheetWrite(Detail,expandPath("./Detail.xls"),true)>

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