shifts one or more rows in Excel spreadsheet object up or down. . The contents of the shifted row, including empty cells, overwrites data in the column to which it is shifted.

spreadsheetShiftRows(spreadsheetObj, start, end [, rows]) → returns void

spreadsheetShiftRows Argument Reference

spreadsheetObj variableName

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start numeric

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end numeric

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rows numeric

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Examples sample code invoking the spreadsheetShiftRows function

<cfset q = queryNew("Name,Beers,Vegetables,Fruits,Meats", "cf_sql_varchar,cf_sql_integer,cf_sql_integer,cf_sql_integer,cf_sql_integer")> 
  <cfset queryAddRow(q)> 
  <cfset querySetCell(q, "Name", "John")> 
  <cfset querySetCell(q, "Beers", "1")> 
  <cfset querySetCell(q, "Vegetables", "1")> 
  <cfset querySetCell(q, "Fruits", "1")> 
  <cfset querySetCell(q, "Meats", "1")> 
  <cfset mySheet =   SpreadsheetNew( "Test"  ) /> 
  <!--- Make a spreadsheet object ---> 
  <cfset s = spreadsheetNew()> 
  <!--- Add header row ---> 
  <cfset spreadsheetAddRow(s, "Name,Beers,Vegetables,Fruits,Meats")> 
 <cfset spreadsheetAddRow(s, "Name1,Beers1,Vegetables1,Fruits1,Meats1")>
  <!--- Add query ---> 
 <cfheader name="Content-Disposition" value="inline; filename=testFile.xls">  <cfcontent type="application/vnd.msexcel" variable="#SpreadSheetReadBinary(s)#">

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