Sets the ACL for object or bucket.

storeSetACL(url, ACLObject); → returns void

Argument Reference

url string

Amazon S3 URLs (content or object).

ACLObject array

An array of struct where each struct represents a permission or grant as discussed in ACLObject.

Sample code invoking the storeSetACL function

Use this function to set full permission. The function overwrites all existing permissions. Only the ones you set in the current context exist.

     <cfset dir = 's3://bucket_name'> 
     <cfif !directoryExists(dir)> 
         <cfset directoryCreate(dir)>     
     <cfset perm = structNew()> 
     <cfset = 'all'> 
     <cfset perm.permission = 'read'> 
     <cfset perm1 = structNew()> 
     <cfset = 'email ID'> 
     <cfset perm1.permission = 'FULL_CONTROL'> 
     <cfset myarrray = arrayNew(1)> 
     <cfset myarrray = [perm,perm1]> 
     <cfset fileWrite('#dir#/test.txt','This is to test all users permission')> 
     <cfset storeSetACL('#dir#/textl.txt','#myarrray#')> 
     <cfset test = storeGetACL ('#dirkey#/test.txt') > 
     <cfdump var= 'test'> 
         <cfdump var='#cfcatch#'> 

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