Returns a value in a structure or a structure in the specified path.

structGet(path) → returns any

Argument Reference

path string

Pathname of variable that contains structure or array from which CFML retrieves the value. If there is no structure or array present in the path, this function creates structures or arrays to make it a valid variable path.

Sample code invoking the structGet function

x = { y = { z=8 } };
writeDump( structGet("x.y.z") );

Expected Result: 8

The structGet function will modify the variable x by adding a new structure x.a and also adds a key x.a.b to satisfy the path.

x = { y = { z=8 } };
writeDump( structGet("x.a.b") );

The value of x.y.z[2] will be set to an empty struct.

x = { y = { z=[1,2,3] } };
writeDump( structGet("x.y.z[2]") );

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