Converts a value to a string.
Lucee parses numbers with one decimal place.
complex object types can only be used in combination with the member syntax.

toString(any_value [, encoding]) → returns string

Member Function Syntax


Argument Reference

any_value any

Value to convert to a string

encoding string

The character encoding (character set) of the string.

The default value is the encoding of the page on which the function is called.
  • utf-8
  • iso-8859-1
  • windows-1252
  • us-ascii
  • shift_jis
  • iso-2022-jp
  • euc-jp
  • euc-kr
  • big5
  • euc-cn
  • utf-16

Sample code invoking the toString function

base64Value = toBase64( "stringValue" );
binaryValue = toBinary( base64Value );
stringValue = toString( binaryValue );

Expected Result: Expected Result: stringValue

s = {
    "a": "1",

Expected Result: {a={1},b={2}}

CF number toString as a method
CAUTION: While CF returns an integer (42), Lucee returns a double (42.0), that's because while CF stores the value as java.lang.Integer (CF 2018+) resp. java.lang.String (CF 2016+), Lucee calls this method on java.lang.Double.

num = 42;

Expected Result: 42

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