Wraps text so that each line has a specified maximum number
of characters.

wrap(String, limit [, strip]) → returns string

Argument Reference

String string

String or variable that contains one. The text to wrap.

limit numeric

Positive integer maximum number of characters to allow on
a line.

strip boolean
Default: false

Whether to remove all existing newline and carriage return
characters in the input string with spaces before wrapping
the text. Default: False.
  • true
  • false

Sample code invoking the wrap function

sentence = "This is a standard sentence.";
wrappedSentence = wrap(sentence, 7);

Expected Result: This is a standar d senten ce.

<cfset sentence = "This is a standard sentence." />
<cfset wrappedSentence = wrap(sentence, 7) />

Expected Result: This is a standar d senten ce.

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