Writes a message to a log file.

writeLog(text [, type] [, application] [, file] [, log] ) → returns void

Argument Reference

text string

Message to log. The date / time will be logged automatically for you.

type string

Type or severity of the log message
  • information
  • warning
  • error
  • fatal

application boolean
Default: true

Logs the application name, if it is specified in Application.cfc or a cfapplication tag.

file string

The file name to log to. You cannot specify a directory path or file extension (extension will be .log). If the file does not exist, it is created automatically. The log file will be located in your CF server logs directory.

log string

If you omit the file attribute, writes messages to standard
log file. Ignored, if you specify file attribute.

Application: writes to Application.log, normally used for
application-specific messages.
Scheduler: writes to Scheduler.log, normally used to log
the execution of scheduled tasks.
  • Application
  • Scheduler

Sample code invoking the writeLog function

Logs an order processed successfully message to orders.log which will be located in the CF logs directory, eg: {cf.root}/cfusion/logs/

writeLog(text="Order #order.getOrderID()# Processed Successfully", type="information", file="orders");

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