Creates an HTML tag with specified contents and lets you to use bind expressions to
dynamically control the tag contents.



cfdiv Attribute Reference


The HTML ID attribute value to assign to the
generated container tag.


The name of a JavaScript function to execute if
evaluating a bind expression results in an error. The
function must take two attributes: an HTTP status
code and a message.
If you omit this attribute, and have specified a
global error handler (by using the
ColdFusion.setGlobalErrorHandler function), it
displays the error message; otherwise a default
error pop-up displays.


A bind expression that returns the container
Note: If a CFML page specified in this attribute
contains tags that use AJAX features, such as
cfform, cfgrid, and cfwindow, you must use a
tag on the page with the tag.
For more information, see cfajaximport.

Default: div

The HTML container tag to create. Values:
  • div
  • span

Default: YES

* true: executes the bind attribute expression when first loading the tag.
* false: does not execute the bind attribute expression until the first bound event .
To use this attribute, you must also specify a bind attribute. Values:
  • NO
  • YES

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