Helps users organize and manage conversations from a Microsoft Exchange account.

  <cfexchangeconversation action="" connection="" folderID="" name="">

 cfexchangeconversation(action="", connection="", folderID="", name="");

This tag requires Adobe ColdFusion 10 and up.  Not supported on Lucee, etc.

Attribute Reference

action string

The action to take.
  • get
  • setReadState
  • copy
  • move
  • delete

connection string

The name of the connection to the Exchange server, as specified in the cfexchangeconnection tag.

name variableName

(get) The name of the ColdFusion query variable that contains the returned conversation information.

folderID string

A case-sensitive Exchange UID value that uniquely identifies the folder.

UID string

A case-sensitive Exchange UID value that uniquely identifies the conversation.

isRead boolean

(setReadState) Indicates the status of the conversation, if read or not.

destinationFolderID string

(copy/move) A case-sensitive Exchange UID value that uniquely identifies the destination folder.

deleteType string
Default: moveToDeletedItems

(delete) - hardDelete: Removes a folder permanently from the store.
- softDelete: Removes a folder to the dumpster, if dumpster is enabled.
- moveToDeletedItems: Moves a folder to the deleted items folder.
  • hardDelete
  • softDelete
  • moveToDeletedItems

Sample code using the cfexchangeconversation tag

Gets the conversations in the Inbox folder, filtered by topic and categories.

<cfexchangeconnection action="open" username="conv" password="Password" server="IP_Address" serverversion="2010" connection="conn1">
<cfexchangefolder action="getextendedinfo" connection="conn1" name="result" folderpath="Inbox">
<cfexchangeconversation action="get" folderid="#result.uid#" name="conversations" connection="conn1">
    <cfexchangefilter name="topic" value="testcfexchnage3">
    <cfexchangefilter name="categories" value="Yellow Category">
<cfdump var="#conversations#">

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