Manipulates existing PDF documents. The following list describes some of the
tasks you can perform with the cfpdf tag:
Merge several PDF documents into one PDF document.
Extract pages from multiple PDF documents and generate a new PDF document.
Linearize multipage PDF documents for faster display.
Encrypt or decrypt PDF files for security.



Attribute Reference

action string

The action to take.
  • archive
  • addAttachments
  • addStamp
  • addWatermark
  • deletePages
  • export
  • getInfo
  • import
  • merge
  • processddx
  • protect
  • read
  • removeWatermark
  • sanitize
  • setInfo
  • sign
  • thumbnail
  • write
  • optimize
  • extracttext
  • extractimage
  • addheader
  • addfooter
  • removeheaderfooter
  • transform
  • unsign
  • validatesignature
  • readsignaturefields

ascending boolean
Default: no

Order in which the PDF files are sorted:
yes: files are sorted in ascending order
no: files are sorted in descending order
  • true
  • false

copyfrom string

The filename of the PDF document from which to copy the watermark

destination string

The pathname of the modified PDF document.
If the destination file exists, you must set the overwrite attribute to yes.
If the destination file does not exist, ColdFusion creates it as long as
the parent directory exists. (optional)

directory string

Specify the directory of the PDF documents to merge.
You must specify either the directory or the source.
If you specify the directory, you must also specify the order.

encrypt string

Specify the type of encryption used on the source PDF document
  • RC4_40
  • RC4_128
  • RC4_128M
  • AES_128
  • none

flatten boolean
Default: no

Specify whether the output file is flattened:
yes: the formatting is removed and the file is flattened
no: the format of the source PDF is maintained in the output file.
  • true
  • false

foreground boolean
Default: no

Specify whether the watermark is placed in the foreground of the PDF document:
yes: the watermark appears in the foreground
no: the watermark appears in the background
  • true
  • false

image string

Specify the image used as a watermark.
You can specify a filename or a ColdFusion image variable.

info string

Specify the structure variable for relevant information, for example, #infoStruct#.
ColdFusion ignores read only information, such as the creation date, application used to create
the PDF document, and encryption parameters.

isBase64 boolean
Default: no

Specify whether the image used a watermark is in Base64 format:
yes: the image is in Base64 format
no: the image is not in Base64 format
  • true
  • false

keepbookmark boolean
Default: false

Specify whether bookmarks from the source PDF
documents are retained in the merged document:
yes: the bookmarks are retained
no: the bookmarks are removed
  • true
  • false

name string

Specify the PDF document variable name, for example, myPDFdoc.
If the source is a PDF document variable, you cannot specify the
name attribute again; you can write the modified PDF document
to the destination.

newOwnerPassword string

Specify the password for the owner of the PDF document.

newUserPassword string

Specify the password for the user of the PDF document.

opacity string
Default: 3

Specify the opacity of the watermark.
Valid values are integers in the range 0 (transparent)
through 10 (opaque).

order string

Specify the order in which the PDF documents
in the directory are merged:
name: orders the documents alphabetically
time: orders the documents by timestamp
  • name
  • time

overwrite string

Specify whether to overwrite the destination file:
yes: overwrites the destination file
no: does not overwrite the destination file
  • true
  • false

password string

Specify the owner or user password of the source PDF document, if it exists.

permissions string

Specify the type of permissions on the PDF document:
Except for all or none, you can specify a
comma separated list of permissions. (optional)
  • all
  • allowassembly
  • allowcopy
  • AllowDegradedPrinting
  • AllowFillIn
  • AllowModifyAnnotations
  • AllowModifyContents
  • AllowPrinting
  • AllowScreenReaders
  • AllowSecure
  • none

position string

Specify the position on the page where
the watermark is placed. The position represents the
top-left corner of the watermark.
Specify the x and y coordinates; for example 50,30.

rotation numeric

Specify the degree of rotation of
the watermark image on the page; for example, 30.
  • 0
  • 90
  • 180
  • 270

showonprint string

Specify whether the watermark is printed with
the PDF document:
yes: the watermark is printed with the PDF document
no: the watermark is not printed with the PDF document
  • true
  • false

source string

Specify the source. The source can be:
The pathname to a PDF document; for example, c:\work\myPDF.pdf
A PDF document variable in memory that is generated by the
cfdocument tag or the cfpdf tag; for example, #myPDFdoc#
The binary content of PDF document variable.

type string

Specify the type to remove from the source PDF document:
  • string
  • xml

version string

(write) Specify the version of the PDF document to write.
  • 1.1
  • 1.2
  • 1.3
  • 1.4
  • 1.5
  • 1.6

transparent boolean
Default: false

Specifies whether the image background is transparent or opaque: format=png only
* yes: the background is transparent.
* no: the background is opaque.
  • true
  • false

resolution string

Image quality used to generate thumbnail images:
* high: use high resolution (uses more memory).
* low: use low resolution.
  • high
  • low

stoponerror boolean
Default: false

Valid only if the directory attribute is specified. If the specified directory contains files other then ColdFusion-readable PDF files, ColdFusion either stops merge process or continues.
* yes: stops the merge process if invalid PDF files exist in the specified directory.
* no: continues the merge process even if invalid files exist in the specified directory.
  • true
  • false

inputfiles struct

Structure that maps the PDF source files to the input variables in the DDX file, or a string of elements and their pathname.

scale numeric

Size of the thumbnail relative to the source page. The value represents a percentage from 1 through 100.

imageprefix string

Prefix used for each image thumbnail file generated. The image filenames use the format: imagePrefix_page_n.format.

outputfiles struct

Structure that contains the output files in the DDX file or string as keys and the pathname to the result file as the value.

pages string

Page or pages in the source PDF document on which to perform the action. You can specify multiple pages and page ranges as follows: "1,6-9,56-89,100, 110-120".

ddxfile string

Owner or user password of the source PDF document, if the document is password-protected.

saveoption string
Default: full

Save options for the PDF output:
* full: normal save (default)
* incremental: required to save modifications to a signed PDF document.
* linear: for faster display.
  • full
  • incremental
  • linear

format string
Default: jpg

File type of thumbnail image output
  • jpg
  • tiff
  • png

hires boolean

Sets a high resolution for the thumbnail if set to yes.
  • true
  • false

maxScale numeric

Specifies the maximum scale of the thumbnail

maxBreadth numeric

CF 9+ Specifies maximum width of the thumbnail

maxLength numeric

Specifies the maximum length of the thumbnail

compressTIFFs boolean

Compress thumbnail which are in TIFF format.
  • true
  • false

overridepage boolean

Specify whether to override page or not
  • true
  • false

package boolean

Create PDF packages
  • true
  • false

hScale numeric

Horizontal scale of the image to be modified. Valid values are hscale<1.

vScale numeric

Vertical scale of the image to be modified. Valid values are vscale>0.

noBookMarks boolean

CF 9+ Remove bookmarks from PDF document
  • true
  • false

noAttachments boolean

CF 9+ Removes all attachments from PDF documents.
  • true
  • false

noComments boolean

Remove comments from PDF document
  • true
  • false

noJavaScripts boolean

CF 9+ Remove all document level JavaScript actions
  • true
  • false

noMetadata boolean

CF 9+ Remove document information and metadata
  • true
  • false

noThumbnails boolean

Remove embedded page thumbnails
  • true
  • false

noFonts boolean

CF 9+ Remove font styling
  • true
  • false

algo string

CF 9+ Specifies the algorithm for image downsampling.
  • Bicubic
  • Bilinear
  • Nearest_Neighbour

topMargin numeric

Specifies the value of the top margin

leftMargin numeric

Specifies the value of the left margin

rightMargin numeric

Specifies the value of the right margin

bottomMargin numeric

Specifies the value of the bottom margin

numberFormat string

Specify the numbering format for PDF pages in the footer.

align string

Aligns the header and footer in PDF.
  • right
  • left
  • center

honourspaces boolean

Set this option to "true" if you need characters to be converted to spaces.
  • true
  • false

addQuads boolean

Add the position or quadrants of the thumbnail
  • true
  • false

text string

Specify Text Value

useStructure boolean

CF 9+ Specify whether to use structure or not
  • true
  • false

jpgdpi numeric

CF 9+

encodeAll boolean

Encode streams that are not encoded to optimize page content
  • true
  • false



Version 8+ CF9+ Added new attributes: jpgdpi, maxBreadth, noAttachments, leftMargin, algo, noMetadata, noBookMarks, noJavaScripts, useStructure, noFonts. CF11 added validatesignature and readsignaturefields. CF2016 added sanitize, export, import, archive, addAttachments, addStamp, redact

Sample code using the cfpdf tag

Creates a JPG thumbnail from a PDF file

    source=expandPath( "./myFile.pdf" ),
    destination=expandPath( "./thumbnails/"),

Expected Result: Creates a file called myFile_page_1.jpg in the /thumbnails/ directory

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