Inserts a tree control in a form. Validates user selections.
Used within a cftree tag block. You can use a CFML query
to supply data to the tree.

 <cftree name="">


The cftree tag is DEPRECATED as of ColdFusion 11

cftree Attribute Reference


Name for tree control.

Default: applet

- applet: displays the tree using a Java applet in the
- flash: displays the tree using a Flash control
- object: returns the tree as a ColdFusion structure with the
name specified by the name attribute, For details of the
structure contents, see "object format", below.
- xml: Generates an XMLrepresentation of the tree.
In XML format forms, includes the generated XML in the
form. and puts the XML in a string variable with the name
specified by the name attribute.
Default: applet Values:
  • applet
  • flash
  • html
  • object
  • xml

Default: NO

- true: user must select an item in tree control
- false: they do not
Default: false

Default: \\

Character to separate elements in form variable path.
Default: \\ Values:
  • \\
  • ,
  • ;
  • |
  • :

Default: NO

- true: start the Form.treename.path variable with the root
of the tree path when cftree is submitted.
- false: omit the root level from the Form.treename.path
variable; the value starts with the first child node in the
For the preserveData attribute of cfform to work with the
tree, you must set this attribute to Yes.
For tree items populated by a query, if you use the
cftreeitem queryasroot attribute to specify a root name,
that value is returned. If you do not specify a root name,
ColdFusion returns the query name.
Default: false

Default: YES

- true: if you use cftreeitem href attributes, ColdFusion
appends a CFTREEITEMKEY query string variable with
the value of the selected tree item to the cfform action URL.
- false: do not append the tree item value to the URL.
Default: true

Default: YES

- true: highlights as a link the displayed value for any
cftreeitem tag that specifies a href attribute.
- false: disables highlighting.
Default: true


JavaScript function to validate user input. The form object,
input object, and input object value are passed to the
specified routine, which should return True if validation
succeeds; False, otherwise.


Message to display if validation fails.


JavaScript function to execute if validation fails.

Default: windows

- motif: renders slider in Motif style
- windows: renders slider in Windows style
- metal: renders slider in Java Swing style
If platform does not support style option, tag defaults to
platform default style.
Default: windows Values:
  • motif
  • windows
  • metal

Default: arial

Font name for data in tree control. Values:
  • arial
  • times
  • courier
  • arialunicodeMS


Font size for text in tree control, in points.

Default: NO

- true: displays tree control text in italics
- false: it does not
Default: false

Default: NO

- true: displays tree control text in bold
- false: it does not
Default: false

Default: 320

Tree control height, in pixels. If you omit this attribute in
Flash format, Flash automatically sizes the tree.
Default: 320 (applet only)

Default: 200

Tree control width, in pixels. If you omit this attribute in
Flash format, Flash automatically sizes the tree.
Default: 200 (applet only)


Vertical margin above and below tree control, in pixels.


Horizontal spacing to left and right of tree control, in pixels.


Alignment of the tree control applet object. Values:
  • top
  • left
  • bottom
  • baseline
  • texttop
  • absbottom
  • middle
  • absmiddle
  • right

Default: YES

- true: display a border around the tree control.
- false: no border
Default: true

Default: YES

- true: permits horizontal scrolling
- false: no horizontal scrolling
Default: true

Default: YES

- true: permits vertical scrolling
- false: no vertical scrolling
Default: true


Flash only: Must be a style specification in CSS format, with the same
syntax and contents as used in Macromedia Flex for the
corresponding Flash element.

Default: YES

Flash only: Boolean value specifying whether the
control is enabled. A disabled control appears in light gray.
Default: true

Default: YES

Flash only: Boolean value specifying whether to
show the control. Space that would be occupied by an
invisible control is blank.
Default: true


Flash only: Text to display when the mouse pointer
hovers over the control.


Flash only: ActionScript to run when the control changes due to user action.
If you specify an onChange event handler, the Form scope of
the ColdFusion action page does not automatically get
information about selected items. The ActionScript onChange
event handler must handle all changes and selections.


Flash only: ActionScript that runs when the calendar loses focus.
(Added in 7.0.1)


Flash only: ActionScript that runs when the calendar loses focus.
(Added in 7.0.1)

Default: <b>Browser must support Java to <br>view ColdFusion Java Applets!</b>

Text to display if a page that contains a Java applet-based
cfform control is opened by a browser that does not
support Java or has Java support disabled.
"Browser must support Java to
view ColdFusion Java

Default: YES

A Boolean value that specifies whether to get new data each time the user expands tree nodes, as follows:
* yes: fetches a node's child items only once, when the node is first expanded
* no: fetches child items each time the node is expanded.



DEPRECATED since version 11

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