Populates a form tree control, created with the cftree tag,
with elements. To display icons, you can use the img values
that CFML provides, or reference your own icons.



The cftreeitem tag is DEPRECATED as of ColdFusion 11

Discouraged: The use of tags generating UI is generally discouraged by the CFML community. See:

Attribute Reference

bind string

A bind expression specifying a CFC of JavaScript
function that dynamically gets all tree nodes. You can use
this attribute only at the top level of the tree, and in this
case, the tree can have only cftreeitem tag.
If you use the bind attribute, the only other allowed
attribute is onBindError. For details creating trees that
using binding, see "Using HTML format trees" in Chapter
33, "Using AJAX UI Components and Features" in
ColdFusion Developer's Guide

value string

Value passed when cfform is submitted. When populating a
tree with data from a cfquery, specify columns in a
delimited list. Example: value = "dept_id,emp_id"

display string

Tree item label. When populating a tree with data from a
query, specify names in a delimited list. Example:
display = "dept_name,emp_name"

parent string

Value for tree item parent.

img string

Image name, filename, or file URL for tree item icon.

You can specify a custom image. To do so, include path and
file extension; for example:

img = "../images/page1.gif"

To specify more than one image in a tree, or an image at
the second or subsequent level, use commas to separate
names, corresponding to level; for example:

img = "folder,document"
img = ",document" (example of second level)
  • cd
  • computer
  • document
  • element
  • folder
  • floppy
  • fixed
  • remote

imgopen string

Icon displayed with open tree item. You can specify icon
filename with a relative path. You can use a CFML

href string

URL to associate with tree item or query column for a tree
that is populated from a query. If href is a query column,
its value is the value populated by query. If href is not
recognized as a query column, it is assumed that its text
is an HTML href.

When populating a tree with data from a query, HREFs can be
specified in delimited list; for example:

href = "http://dept_svr,http://emp_svr"

target string

Target attribute of href URL. When populating a tree with
data from a query, specify target in delimited list:

target = "FRAME_BODY,_blank"

query string

Query name to generate data for the treeitem.

queryAsRoot string

Defines query as the root level. This avoids having to
create another parent cftreeitem.

* Yes
* No
* String to use as the root name
If you do not specify a root name, CFML returns the
query name as the root.

expand boolean

Yes: expands tree to show tree item children
No: keeps tree item collapsed
  • true
  • false

onbinderror string

The name of a JavaScript function to execute if evaluating a bind expression results in an error. The function must take two attributes: an HTTP status code and a message.



DEPRECATED since version 11

Sample code using the cftreeitem tag

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