Determines the index of the first list element in which a specified value occurs. Returns 0 if not found. Case-insensitive.

listFindNoCase(list, value [, delimiters, includeEmptyValues]) → returns numeric

Member Function Syntax

list.listFindNoCase(value [, delimiters, includeEmptyValues])

Argument Reference

list string

value string

delimiters string
Default: ,

includeEmptyValues string
Default: false

  • true
  • false

Sample code invoking the listFindNoCase function

Find item in a list and return the index.

listFindNoCase("apple,orange,banana", "orange")

Expected Result: 2

Find item in a pipe delimited list and return the index.

listFindNoCase("apple|orange|banana", "orange", "|")

Expected Result: 2

listFindNoCase as a member function

fruits = "apple|orange|banana";
writeOutput(fruits.listFindNoCase("ORANGE", "|"));

Expected Result: 2

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