Formats the contents of a single cell of an Excel spreadsheet object.

spreadsheetFormatCell(spreadsheetObj, format, row, column) → returns void

spreadsheetFormatCell Argument Reference

spreadsheetObj any

The spreadsheet object for which formatting will be applied

format struct

A structure containing the formatting information

row numeric

The row the cell to format is in

column numeric

The column the cell to format is in

Examples sample code invoking the spreadsheetFormatCell function

<cfset q = queryNew("Name,Beers,Vegetables,Fruits,Meats", "cf_sql_varchar,cf_sql_integer,cf_sql_integer,cf_sql_integer,cf_sql_integer")> 
 <!---<cfloop index="x" from="1" to="10">---> 
 <cfset queryAddRow(q)> 
 <cfset querySetCell(q, "Name", "John")> 
 <cfset querySetCell(q, "Beers", "1")> 
 <cfset querySetCell(q, "Vegetables", "1")> 
 <cfset querySetCell(q, "Fruits", "1")> 
 <cfset querySetCell(q, "Meats", "1")> 
 <cfset mySheet =   SpreadsheetNew( "Test"  ) /> 
 <!--- Make a spreadsheet object ---> 
 <cfset s = spreadsheetNew()> 
 <!--- Add header row ---> 
 <cfset spreadsheetAddRow(s, "Name,Beers,Vegetables,Fruits,Meats")> 
 <!--- Add query ---> 
 <cfset Spreadsheetformatcell(sheet,{dataformat="@"},2,2) > 
 <cfdump var="#s#" /> <cfheader name="Content-Disposition" value="inline; filename=testFile.xls">  <cfcontent type="application/vnd.msexcel" variable="#SpreadSheetReadBinary(s)#"> 

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