Searches an array for all positions of a specified value. The function searches for simple values such as strings and numbers or for complex objects such as structures. When the second parameter is a simple value, string searches are case-sensitive

arrayFindAll(array, value or callback) → returns array

Member Function Syntax

someArray.findAll(value or callback)

arrayFindAll Argument Reference

array array

The source array to search through

value or callback any

If string, case sensitive value to search for; if callback, use signature function (item, index, array) : boolean

Examples sample code invoking the arrayFindAll function

courses = [{
    name: "Getting started with ColdFusion",
    participants: []
    name: "Caching in ColdFusion",
    participants: [{
        name: "John Doe",
        age: 45
        name: "Jane Doe",
        age: 46
    name: "Changeover to Lucee",
    participants: []
    name: "Update ColdFusion",
    participants: [{
        name: "Arthur Dent",
        age: 42

chosenCourses = arrayFindAll(courses,function(course) {
    return arrayLen(course.participants);


Expected Result: 2,4

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